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Who We Are

"I remember when mom called me, I was living in Dallas at the time, and she mentioned starting a floral business. Of course my mind starts racing to think of a name, Southern Stems just came to me and I immediately called her back. I feel like from that point forward this "idea" was the center of many conversations, which brought us to where we are today. The best part about it is we get to do it together. - Avery 

With deep Oklahoma roots "Southern Stems" brings a personal floral touch to celebrations big & small.


We are a mother-daughter duo with a love for all the pretty things & a shared entrepreneurial spirit driving us to turn this hobby into a business.  Whether it's a wedding, baby shower, business event, or arrangement for a dear friend, we want each piece to exemplify the joy that we have when bringing these visions to life. 

Leslie & Avery 

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